We are very excited to be starting our very own Barre classes. Tough by our own Ballet expert this a unique experience. As our Dynamic reformer Pilates this class will be limited to 8 individuals giving you an opportunity to perfect your Barre skills. Individual attention, classic and dynamic repertoire. Read for more information below and reserve your class today.

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For the uninitiated Barre is a training concept originating from Ballet and Performing arts where a barre is used to perform a variety of exercises, stretches and as a warm up tool. For decades it has been used by dancers and enthusiasts alike to maintain their fitness level and I feel it will serve as a perfect compliment to our stable of fitness and Pilates classes.


As well as being instructed by an amazing teacher our classes are a very boutique experience. We begin with a limit of 8 persons per class. This will allow for plenty 1:1 attention and corrections. Something I know you will not find anywhere in London. All you need to bring is some comfortable training clothing and a pari of socks, similar to what you wear at Epoch Pilates. All of us here at Epoch Fitness are excited about the new class and look forward to seeing you there.


Verner Freeson Epoch Fitness Ballet Barre Fitzrovia and Soho London
Epoch Fitness Ballet and Barre instructor Verner Freeson.

Verner trained as a professional ballet dancer for 9 years and graduated under the same professor as Mikhail Baryshnikov (Carrie’s lover in “Sex and the City”). To counter balance his strict, classical lifestyle Verner applied to do a BA (Hons) in Theatre Dance where he broadened his horizons in all stage disciplines and discovered pilates and varieties of floor and barre workouts. Upon graduation he specialized in contemporary dance and received the Elizabeth West award for best young choreographer and made his own physical theatre company. After graduation he began taking occasional modelling jobs internationally and acting work. Besides teaching barre, Verner also runs a film festival called Future Meridian