How leverage the fewer opportunities for exercise this holiday season in your favour

The holiday season is on the horizon and the party season is getting underway. Work parties, family dinners and get togethers steamroll through our fitness routines and all but the most committed may find their fitness aspirations being put on hold. But there is one technique that will help you get stronger and fitter when you come out on the other side.

Periodisation and Active Rest to the rescue

In the world of athletic conditioning training takes form of mesocycles i.e. session plans lasting 4-6 weeks that peak in intensity right at the end. This is then followed by an ACTIVE REST or a cut back week period of 4-7 days

During ACTIVE REST the body restores and ADAPTS to the training stress of the past weeks. Walking, swimming, stretching etc is encouraged. Anything to keep active without the strain. During this time

✅Muscles recover
✅Muscles grow 
✅Micro injuries heal
✅Cardiovascular system gets stronger
✅Endocrine system reboots
✅Body recovers 

The result is return to training not only more rested but also stronger and fitter than when you finished.

You too can train like an athlete  

Of course you don’t have to be a world class athlete to take advantage of active rest. And you may already have been dabbling in “active rest” over Christmas in the past 😎. But here is how to perfect this technique and start next year stronger than you finished.

10 day push

Where ever you are in your fitness journey, gradually increasing the training effort, frequency and the intensity of your workouts in the next 10 days will allow you to peak your training just before the holiday season kicks in. This way you can take the foot off the pedal and focus on family and friends while your body strengthens, recovers and upgrades in time for the new year.

Periodisation is not just for Christmas.

This valuable technique can also be used for other times in the year when training tends to be put on hold. Take holidays for example. Peaking your training intensity in the lead up to your next holiday will allow you to take full advantage of the much valued break so that your fitness strengthens and upgrades while your mind, body and soul rejuvenates.

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