Introduction to 31 Day Kickstart

Wellcome to the 31 Day Kickstart. A program that will transform your health and dramatically improve your levels of fitness, health and wellbeing. It was first published in 2013 and has since then helped thousands of people to elevate and transform the way their body feels and functions.

What is 31 Day Kickstart.

It is a Kickstart to better health, better physique and ultimately a better and a more fulfilling life. A series of 31 articles that will provide you with actionable steps to transform your physique, your health and you wellbeing in 31 unbelievably simple steps.

The information compiled in the 31 Day Kickstart is sate of science boiled down to the most essential information. Highly effective, natural and most importantly simple steps that have always worked and will always work to keep anyone in great physical state.

31 day kickstart is a blueprint to becoming a much healthier version of yourself, starting today. Think of it as a luxury health retreat that you can do anytime anyplace. And the most amazing thing about it is that you can take this “retreat” anytime any place and at any stage of your life regardless of you age, gender or life situation. The convenience to do it right now, without planning or putting it off, means that you can reap the benefits starting from Day 1 i.e. today!

So why 31 days?

This series was originally published during the month of January as a way to help people hit the ground running and start the year primed with better health and wellbeing. Since then we continue to receive great feedback from men and women who use these articles to put their health right. Regardless when you start (now!) it will set you up for the rest of the year; permanently guiding you to your optimum body composition, energy and health. Commit to only one of the following recommendations and it will contribute greatly to your overall wellbeing. Implement all of them and you will transform your health.

Transform yourself. Transform those around you.

31 Day Kickstart is so much more than just a bulletproof method to getting fit and healthy in one month. It is a full blown mind and body transformation that teaches you the skills and hacks you can pass on to your family and friends so that they, in turn, can improve their health, fitness and wellbeing. Positive attitude to health and fitness is infectious. Seeing those around you inspired and transformed because of your progress is yet another benefit of the 31 Day Kickstart.

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