The power of the collective.

Now this is not strictly a fitness tip but one that will contribute massively to the long term success of your fitness, wellbeing and health transformation. It is a vital element of the 31 day kickstart and one that will maintain the momentum of your transformation for months and years ahead.

Scientific principles

I am lucky to have worked with and be surrounded by some of the most skilled, experienced and knowledgeable personal trainers, fitness practitioners and therapists in UK. I find it invaluable to learn from the experience and knowledge of my colleagues and am not proud to ask for advise when their skills set is outside my expertise. Being part of such network has allowed me to grow as a professional and has upgraded the way I view my health and of those around me.

Similar principles apply to improving one’s health and wellbeing. Finding a fitness advisor or spending more time with a wellness minded friend whose principles are in synch with yours can influence your strategies for success and multiply your levels of dedication many times over. Be it through social media or via actual! social interaction, finding such individuals is not hard. And while not without it’s faults such strategy makes it easy to be surrounded by positive messages that reinforce your efforts and empower you to lead a healthy, energetic and balanced life.

If you can’t find them become them.

If you don’t have such people around you, consider becoming one. While leading by example may seem like a ridiculous idea at first you are the one reading this post. That means you are already taking active steps to improve your health and wellbeing which puts you ahead of the pack. Getting your friends, family and colleagues in on your fitness transformation is surprisingly easy be it via an invitation to a session or by sharing a fitness article. As well as making it more fun you will have the added benefit of accountability to keep you in check.


With healthy wishes,


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