Friday 6/1/12

Improve your carbohydrate sources!

To follow on from the tip about sugar, the key this month is to improve the sources of carbohydrates of your main meals.

Banish the simple, refined carbohydrates in favour of complex carbohydrates of high nutritional value. Controlling your blood sugar is the key to being satisfied and content after a meal. Simple carbohydrates are poor at keeping blood sugar stable.

Go for natural forms such as whole grains, pulses and beans. These are more efficient at fuelling your body, are more nutritious, high in fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals. After a few days of switching your body will have settled into maintaining stable blood sugar. Your natural, healthy appetite cues will return and you will loose those sugar cravings. Cravings for processed food are fueled by the speed with which the carbohydrates break down in your body.  Slowing down the release of sugar will prolong the feeling of hunger and reduce the cravings.

Benefits of switching to complex, natural sources of carbohydrates:

Improved appetite control

Stable of blood sugar levels

Elevated energy

Reduced daily calorie consumption.

This will promote a comfortable drop in body fat leading to a leaner and healthier body.

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