Now and again

By far one of the biggest contributing factors affecting ones health is nutrition.

Nutrition effects the developing foetus. Complex interactions between nutrients, genes and environment can effect the onset and progression of disease in later life. The subject extends all the way to the theories of programmed cell death. Nutritional science can be a fascinating (also boring) field.

It is easy to get bogged down by the details. I think the weight of it is one of the main reasons I am often asked the most vital of questions:

“Can I or can I not eat Cake?”

The answer is: Yes you most certainly can.

Balanced nutrition that is adequate in fats, proteins and unrefined carbohydrate must become your norm. Active lifestyle, be it through sport or hobbies, that goes without saying. This however does not mean you can not enjoy indulgent food once (may be twice) a week. It is not the desert we have once in a while that contributes to the fat around the middle. It is the total calorie intake weighted against calorie expenditure coupled with the speed of your metabolism.

Strike a healthy balance by staying true to your fitness goal. Eat clean and healthy food that is worthy of an athletic physique, exercise regularly and while every one is avoiding the desert table go over there and pick the best bit.

With healthy wishes,

Dmitri Tkatchev

Read on:

Introduction to the 31 Day Fitness Kickstart

Day 1 – Water

Day 2 – Protein at breakfast

Day 3 – Meal frequency

Day 4 – Sugar

Day 5 – Lifestyle

Day 6 – Carbohydrates

Day 7 – Sleep

Day 8 – Start easy with Cardio – frequency not the quantity.

Day 9 – Get clever with your fats!

Day 10 – Find or become a role model

Day 11 – Coffee

Day 12 – Exercise improves your appetite response.

Day 13 – Consistency over intensity

Day 14 – Add cinnamon to your diet

Day 15 – Energising morning fix

Day 16 – Active rest

Day 17 – Holistic fitness.

Day 18 – Minimise muscle loss.

Day 19 – Don’t forget steady paced cardio

Day 20 – Eat plenty of fibre

Day 21 – Take up a physically demanding hobby.

Day 22 – Hire a qualified and an experienced Personal Trainer

Day 24 – Don’t forget that the feeling of hunger is the best cue for when to eat

Day 25 – Tune in to your training

Day 26 –  Sort out the calorie density of your meals.

Day 27 – Eat more grapefruit

Day 28 – Eat within an hour after your workout!

Day 29 – Stay in the low range of Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic Load

Day 30 – Cycle crunches.

Day 31 – Learn to listen to your body