Hitting the slopes

Sports and physically demanding hobbies will require you to stay fit through the year. Taking up one such hobby is a great way to keep your fitness anchored and purposeful. Aesthetics may be your main reason for exercising, but being driven by an external goal is a fantastic way to stay motivated.


Triathlons, skiing, golf, kayaking, judo, rock climbing and a myriad of other sports that can be taken up as hobbies require you to stay on top of your fitness all year round.

Fitness related hobbies are a great motivating tool and are highly recommended to keep you in shape on and off season. Because of the social aspect of these hobbies they are a great way of building your support network that was covered on Day 10 of this 31 day fitness kick start.

With healthy wishes,

Dmitri Tkatchev

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Introduction to the 31 Day Fitness Kickstart

Day 1 – Water

Day 2 – Protein at breakfast

Day 3 – Meal frequency

Day 4 – Sugar

Day 5 – Lifestyle

Day 6 – Carbohydrates

Day 7 – Sleep

Day 8 – Start easy with Cardio – frequency not the quantity.

Day 9 – Get clever with your fats!

Day 10 – Find or become a role model

Day 11 – Coffee

Day 12 – Exercise improves your appetite response.

Day 13 – Consistency over intensity

Day 14 – Add cinnamon to your diet

Day 15 – Energising morning fix

Day 16 – Active rest

Day 17 – Holistic fitness.

Day 18 – Minimise muscle loss.

Day 19 – Don’t forget steady paced cardio

Day 20 – Eat plenty of fibre

Day 22 – Hire a qualified and an experienced Personal Trainer

Day 23 – Eat Cake

Day 24 – Don’t forget that the feeling of hunger is the best cue for when to eat

Day 25 – Tune in to your training

Day 26 –  Sort out the calorie density of your meals.

Day 27 – Eat more grapefruit

Day 28 – Eat within an hour after your workout!

Day 29 – Stay in the low range of Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic Load

Day 30 – Cycle crunches.

Day 31 – Learn to listen to your body