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Ever wondered why eating grapefruits for breakfast was such a big thing a few years back? Wonder no more. There are a couple of sound reasons why grapefruit may aid weight loss…>Read on

In addition to it being high in fibre and having low glycaemic load (this makes it a very filling citrus) a few scientific studies suggest a more complex correlation with weight loss.

The main scientific study upon which weight loss claims are based was conducted in Scripps clinic in San Diego in 2006 by Dr Ken Fujioka. It demonstrated that when obese individuals were given a grapefruit or a grapefruit juice 3 times a day for 12 weeks they lost considerably more weight compared to a placebo group. Fresh grapefruit was more effective than the juice (1.6 kg vs 1.5kg weight loss). As a reference the placebo demonstrated a 0.3kg weight loss. In addition, 2 hour post-glucose insulin levels and insulin resistance parameters were improved in the group consuming half a fresh grapefruit (Fujioka 2006). Another study demonstrated that pre-loading a breakfast with grapefruit or grapefruit juice has been shown to impact positively on blood lipids in calorie restricted diets (Silver 2011). This has been confirmed by yet another study showing that adding fresh “red grapefruit positively influences serum lipid levels of all fractions, especially serum triglycerides and also serum antioxidant activity.” (Gorinstein 2006)

As in other fields any advice coming from nutritional science must be backed by scientific research; rigorously designed research must be conducted.

But not too much

Rarely does such research yield anything conclusive with further studies being the usual recommendation. The above information must be weighed against the body of work. To my knowledge the effect of consuming grapefruit on weight loss has not been investigated further since the 2006 study. That study was based on a small sample of 91 obese individuals – hardly representative of general population. You could argue that it is not a good idea to give a recommendation on the bases of such a small study. However I see nothing wrong with encouraging a higher intake of grapefruit on the bases of high fibre and low GL values alone. Eating more grapefruit will add more vitamins and minerals to your diet and with the influence of the above factors may prove to be the missing link in your successful fat loss transformation.

Include grapefruit as part of your daily food regime.

With Healthy Wishes,

Dmitri Tkatchev

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