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Find new ways to live actively

Taking time to analyse how you use your physical environment is an effective way to introduce a healthier lifestyle into your daily routine. This seemingly passive approach is one of the most effective strategies to losing excess fat and improving your health, albeit the hardest. You will be able to pinpoint the exact factors that are holding back your progress towards a healthier, stronger and leaner physique.

For many it is the lack of daily activity coupled with the lack of time/motivation for healthy nutrition intake that may have caused a steady decline in good health and vitality. Reversing these bad habits will build a solid foundation for permanent state of well-being.

What to look out for:

How do you travel to and from work?

Drive or take public transport to work? See if you can increase the journey you spend on foot. If doing cardio is an important part of your training, it pays to include it as part of your journey. Jog or cycle part of the way. Get on and off the transport 2-3 stops away from work, or park further away from your destination. Adding as little as 20-30 minutes (10-15 minutes each way) of brisk walking every day will neither eat into your time nor be physically demanding. It will dramatically increase your overall activity and will tech your body to burn fat more efficiently. All without eating too much into your time.

How active are you at work?

 Get out at the weekends

Take stairs – a very effective way to condition your glutes, legs and cardio system if done a couple of times every day – think stepper in the gym.

Spend a portion of your lunch time being more active. e.g. 10/15 minutes of walking after food, a game of squash, football or a gym session.

How active are you at home?

Walk/jog/cycle part/all of the way home.
Take time to prepare your own food.
Having returned from work or your gym session spend less time vegging out in front of TV.

If you feel tired and start picking at food in front of TV after your dinner it is your body’s way of compensating for your fatigue. Don’t resist and hit the sack early.

When driving to the supermarket park further away from the entrance so you walk for longer.

Walk don’t drive to your nearest convenience store.

How do you spend your weekends?

Find new hobby

Start or continue playing sports, jogging, having an active hobby, going for long walks. Join or start a local football league. Finally take up your favourite sport again. Get some boxing lessons etc
Make prior arrangements to do something new each week that requires you being outside of the house for most of the day.

Acting on all of the above points should not be tough. It is a matter of habitual conditioning. The reward is worth it.

Start getting clever with your time and make your body do work for you outside your regular training sessions.

With healthy wishes,

Dmitri Tkatchev


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