Drink more water!

And less of everything else. In fact if you haven’t got a glass of fresh water in your hand while reading this go and get one now. One goal down 30 to go.

The role of water in human body is way more complex than the term “hydration” leads you to believe. A vast array of complex biochemical pathways responsible for making our body tick and tock relies on water to keep us in optimum condition.

Here is why drinking more water from Day 1 will help you look and feel great while lose stubborn fat over the remaining 30 (and beyond (got your glass yet?)):

Epoch 31 Day Fitness Water glass1. Water consumption together with meals that are substantial in carbohydrates (sugars) dilutes the rate at which the sugars are released into the blood stream. This minimises spikes in insulin levels that happen due to too much carbohydrates. This ultimately lowers the amount of fat being stored in healthy individuals. Drink a glass of water before or after your meals for the best effect.

2. Water consumption reduces appetite by acting on a number of receptors in the gut that feedback to your brain making you feel fuller.

3. Some studies suggest that drinking fresh water as opposed to sugar sweetened drinks with your meals reduces the amount of food you end up eating at each meal.

4. The feeling of hunger is often mistaken for thirst so before raiding the fridge have a few glasses of water and wait a little.

5. Water plays a big role in fat metabolism via a number of biochemical pathways! Help the body burn the white stuff by drinking plenty of water.

6. By reducing sodium build up water helps to maintain muscle tone.

7. Adequate consumption of water relieves fluid retention.

8. A well hydrated body is able to perform better under conditions of physical and emotional stress.

9. Staying hydrated promotes better skin and hair (Oh, NOW you are interested?).

Q. When is the best time to drink water?

Epoch 31 Day Fitness Water drop

A. You can drink water whenever you want but doing it around the 4 following points will pretty much cover it. A glass at a time should be enough.
1. Before every meal and a little with each meal to make it easier to chew and swallow.
2. Before bed.
3. After a workout
4. Before a workout.

Q. What about the 2.5 ltrs/day?

There is a lack of scientific research that supports the notion of drinking the apparently a golden rule of 2.5 ltrs/day. If there is one, please let us know. The 2.5 ltrs/day requirement is in fact based on direct measurements of water losses during a 24 hour period under normal conditions. A lot of water comes from food and other drinks we have during the day. Some water is actually made in your body. Literally made….in your body. Amazing. Even coffees, teas and alcohol contribute to the 2.5 ltrs despite their diuretic effects. More about those in a few days, but in the mean time an extra 2.5 ltrs ON TOP of your regular fruit, veg, other drinks may be too much.

The key is substituting MOST sugary, fizzy, caffeinated and alcoholic fluids with water and still making life worth living! By doing this not only you will supply your body with the ultimate source of hydration we evolved use but also eliminate majority of toxic compounds typically found in most of the alternatives e.g. sugar, salt, aspartame, caffein etc etc.

Final note

The power of modern advertising has pushed plain drinking water to the back seat. The abundance of “water based performance hydration fluids”, diet drinks and other such products has devalued the importance of plain drinking water. Fresh water, cold or warm is vital to maintaining the fine-tuned metabolism that took millions of years to evolve. Drinking diet coke is certainly not going to do much for your health never mind losing weight.

Whether you’ve filled out over Christmas and New Year or have been holding on to the pudge for a while, drinking more water is the easiest and possibly the most effective step towards a leaner, healthier body.

Drink up!

With healthy wishes,

Dmitri Tkatchev

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