Join us for a Ballet Barre experience unique to Epoch Fitness.

With a maximum of 8 individuals per class and classically trained instructors our Ballet Barre workout will give you all the benefit of the Barre concept with the addition of expert supervision and personal correction.

What is Ballet Barre

Ballet Barre is a training concept originating from Ballet and Performing arts where a barre is used to perform a variety of exercises and stretches, and as a warm up tool. For decades it has been used by dancers and enthusiasts alike to maintain their fitness level and it serves as a perfect compliment to our stable of fitness and Pilates classes.


As well as being instructed by an amazing teacher our classes are a very boutique experience. We begin with a limit of 8 persons per class. This will allow for plenty 1:1 attention and corrections. Something I know you will not find anywhere in London. All you need to bring is some comfortable training clothing and a pair of socks, similar to what you wear at Epoch Dynamic Reformer Pilates. We look forward to seeing you at the Barre.