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What Is Epoch Reformer + Row

It is our Dynamic Reformer Pilates workout supercharged with cardio intervals using Rowing on our brand new, hand crafted Water Rowers. Transform your fitness and improve your body composition using the incredible fusion of Pilates, Strength training and cardiovascular intervals. Safe effective and good for your body.

UK’s only. London’s first. Fitzrovia’s finest.

This is UK’s first and only Dynamic Reformer and Rowing class and you can now experience it in our Fitzrovia studio in central London.

What are the benefits of Epoch Reformer + Row

Dynamic Reformer + Row builds on our ground breaking Epoch Dynamic Reformer Pilates sessions. In addition to building strength, improving flexibility and creating postural awareness these sessions add cardiovascular training to the sessions. This is done using a number of Rowing intervals during your session. In addition to burning more calories during your session you will increase your cardiovascular fitness by strengthening your heart, increasing your lung capacity and boosting your metabolism. The cardio element is low impact and perfectly compliments our Dynamic Reformer workouts.

Who is it for:

These sessions are for anyone who is looking to build a stronger, leaner and more resilient physique by adding respiratory training. If you enjoy cardio (or even if you don’t) you’ll know that it is a must for a fit and healthy body. The Water Rowers offer a perfect alternative to treadmill running by being lower impact and more energy demanding. In addition to cardio, Water Rowers use up to 84% of muscles which means you burn more calories, increase your endurance, strengthen your legs, back and arms.

What to wear and how to prepare:

Please wear the usual clothing suitable for exercise such as t-shirt/sports top and shorts, leggings or sports trousers for the bottoms. The reformer element will continue to be done in sports or grip socks. For the rower we recommend you use trainers for comfort. As always please do not arrive after the sessions has begun. If it is your first time I recommended to be changed and ready 5 minutes before the class so that myself or one of the trainers can take you through the brief use of the Water Rowers.

What is a Water Rower:

Dynamic Reformer Pilates and Rowing at Epoch Fitness is the perfect blend of strength, flexibility and cardio training to transform your physique.

A Water Rower is an exceptionally designed, hand crafted and beautifully finished rowing machine. What separates it from others in the field is it’s use of actual water located in a water drum at the head of the machine. Not only does this make for a more natural and smooth feel of the action compared to the air driven rowers, this machine is both quieter and more soothing due to the visual and audible action of the water.

We look forward to seeing you at the studio soon.

With healthy wishes,

Dmitri and Epoch Fitness Team

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