Our superior Dynamic Pilates and Fitness classes now streaming live and direct to your tablet

What is Dynamic Mat Pilates?

Dynamic mat Pilates is a fusion class for increasing strength, improving endurance and sculpting a bullet proof core. It is a perfect blend of strength training, agility and mat Pilates that builds a strong, healthy and toned physique.

How to book your live online Dynamic Pilates Class

Our team will instruct the Dynamic Mat Pilates classes LIVE to your living room or any place you have set up as you exercise space on the day. Take the following steps to sign up and attend:

  1. Check the timetable in the menu above
  2. Sign up for the class by picking your time and reserving your space.
  3. Download “Zoom Cloud Meetings” as either an app on your iPad, tablet or phone or as a program on your desktop called Zoom.us. This is your window into our studio (similar to Skype)
  4. One hour before the session is due to begin you will be emailed a link to attend the studio class.
  5. Please use that link to log in 5-10 minutes before the class is due to begin. This link will take you via your Zoom app straight to your trainer and all other participants.
  6. Enjoy your session

The system we use to send you links to join Zoom meetings has been upgraded!

Emails for Live Classes will come from Epoch Fitness no-reply@apiant.com.

Please add no-reply@apiant.com and no-reply@zoom.us in your contacts to prevent emails ending up in your spam folder.

These emails will be sent 60 minutes before the class starts. All you need to do to join the class is click on the Click Here to Join button in the email.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out

What equipment will you need.

The classes are designed to work with your body weight as much as possible. However in order to ensure that you have more options it is recommended that you acquire some or all of the following pieces of equipment over the next few weeks. These will provide variety and options to increase or decrease the intensity of your sessions. BUT for now you won’t require anything

  1. Dumbbells. Both light and heavy dumbbells are used in the workout. Pleas have a selection of dumbbells for optimum benefit.
  2. Pilates ring such as this
  3. A Thera-band or an exercise band
  4. A set of mini resistance bands such as these


Thursday morning 30 minute HiT classes are free. The pricing of the others is below.

SINGLE session £8/session.


LIVE Workout with Epoch Fitness team – £8/session

See you in our Epoch Fitness Live Studio.

Move More. Live Better. Team Epoch Fitness

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