Epoch Fitness Training Principles.

At the core of Epoch Fitness training principles is a firm belief that individual fitness and health is supported by 3 pillars. Each is as vital as the other to our overall wellbeing.

The BodyThe physical state: For the workouts to be effective they must be based on sound scientific principles, be tough yet simple, efficient and specific to your needs. More importantly they need to be sustainable in order to achieve a long term lifestyle change.

The EnergyThe nutrition and recovery: Your food must be nutritious, balanced and simple. We focus on high quality nourishment, not caloric deficit. While food provides energy from the outside, sleep and rest give energy from within. This source of energy is just as important to health and wellbeing as optimum nutrition.

The MindMindset and Lifestyle: Creating a strong mindset and a positive attitude to health and wellbeing is the most powerful way to transform a physique. It increases the effectiveness of your workouts and elevates your way of living. We help you nurture a positive and bulletproof mindset to help reach your wellbeing goals.

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Epoch Fitness is a holistic approach to fitness. It takes into consideration your lifestyle, work, social life and mindset. You will learn all the skills necessary to maintain an optimum physique, strong health and lifelong vitality.