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Reformer Pilates Classes in the Heart of Fitzrovia.

Below you will find out what exactly is Pilates, how do Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes differ from classical Pilates and why Pilates is used by health enthusiasts and athletes around the world to keep them in great shape and peak physical condition. Our studio offers Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes and classical Pilates private sessions.

 Who is Pilates?

joseph pilates london classesPilates is a training system developed by Joseph Pilates (1983-1967), a physical trainer, bodybuilder, gymnast and inventor from Germany. It is a system of fully integrated, whole body exercises that focus on developing whole body strength, correct postural alignment, core stability and mind muscle awareness.  Pilates combines strength training with elements of yoga. There is a particular focus on trunk mobility in all planes of motion to promote flexibility and muscle strength around the spine. The original sequence of exercises uses minimal equipment and involves own body weight to develop a lean and streamlined physique. This was then improved upon with the introduction of Reformer

Pilates Reformer

Pilates was later responsible for inventing a number of original pieces of equipment. These are used to this day in studios around the world. Most popular of these is the Pilates Reformer. Reformer is essentially a bed….That’s right, one of the most popular forms of exercise just happens to be the one involving a bed. Reformer consists of a movable carriage, springs and straps that add resistance to the exercises and stimulate muscles in a way that makes them stronger, more toned and defined. Reformer is what you will use during your Dynamic Pilates classes.

What is Dynamic Reformer Pilates?

Dynamic Reformer Pilates combines the original method with strength training, athletic exercises and Yoga dynamics. This increases the intensity and variety of the sessions, and expands the library of exercises to deliver a very effective, low impact workout. Dynamic Pilates is perfect for those wishing to develop a high level of fitness, flexibility and core strength that are relevant to everyday life. It is accessible to all levels of fitness and is suitable for individuals who require less impact on their joints. Read the Dynamic Reformer Pilates page for more information on the benefits it offers.

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