Sports Massage at Epoch Fitness

We run mobile Sports Massage service in central London. To reserve your massage please use our online booking system 1. Create your Online Profile. 2. Purchase your massage service. 3. Book the available time slot.

If you have any questions regarding the massage therapy or would like to book a session get in contact by emailing

Expert massage in central London

The sports massage clinics are lead by Gemma Stephens our Strength and Conditioning trainer and massage therapist. Gemma’s extensive experience comes from working with professional and amateur triathletes. As well as being a Strength and Conditioning coach, and a massage therapist she is responsible for organising and managing teams of sports massage therapists that support competitors throughout the year in many Nationwide events. She is a member of The Sports Massage Association.  She also delivers killer Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes here in our Fitzrovia studio.


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