From Pilates and HiiT to Personal Training and Nutrition support you are looked after by some of the most experienced in the fitness industry.

Epoch Fitness is a team of fitness specialists united by one common goal: improving your health, fitness and wellbeing. They are experts in the areas of classical Pilates, dynamic Pilates, strength training, massage therapy, nutrition, weight management and fat loss.

Dmitri Tkatchev

Role at Epoch Fitness – Director, Trainer, Nutritionist. More info…

See him for -Athletic workouts that aim to improve overall fitness, build a strong core and sculpt a bulletproof and resilient physique.

Fun fact – A qualified skydiver with over 90 solo jumps from 12000 feet.

Verner Freeson

Epoch Fitness Ballet and Barre instructor Verner Freeson.

Role at Epoch Fitness -Dynamic Pilates, Classical Pilates and Bare instructor

See him for – Dynamic Pilates Pilates sessions as well as very boutique Barre and Ballet group classes limited to 8 individuals from a dancer that went through a Latvian ballet school and came out on the other side a changed man.

Fun fact – Besides teaching Pilates and Barre, Verner also runs a film festival called Future Meridian

Barry Jung

Role at Epoch Fitness – Dynamic Reformer Pilates Instructor

See him for – Great music and a challenging class that will have you feeling strong and empowered.

Fun fact – Barry has entered fitness industry as a professional dancer, having performed in film, music, fashion and theatre all over the world.

Jane Kingsford

Role at Epoch Fitness: Dynamic/Classical Reformer Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer

See her for: Perfectly balanced classes infused with her positive energy and uplifting music.

Fun fact: Jane is also a professional dancer from Melbourne, Australia with love for Pilates. She discovered Pilates as a way to treat and prevent injuries that are part and parcel of her profession.

Ania Sanzhar


Role at Epoch Fitness – Dynamic Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer. Her deep knowledge and understanding of human physiology is drawn from her Pilates qualifications and a Masters degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the renowned university of North Carolina in U.S.A

See her for – Technical and athletic classes that will help hone your body and energise the mind.

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