A few things compare to a filling bowl of porridge as a healthy start to the day. Add a small handful of blueberries and a half a dozen of almonds, and voila, you have yourself one of the most natural, nourishing and delicious of breakfasts.

Both the rolled oats and oat bran can be used to make this breakfast. There are a number of differences between the two but on the whole it comes down to personal preference.

Taste wise oat bran gives a creamier texture compared to rolled oats. This is because oat bran is finer, allowing for denser consistency.

There is a slight difference in nutritional value. Pound per pound oat bran comes out on top. More protein and fiber content of oat bran does give it an edge. What matters in the end, however, is the preference for taste and the fact that regardless of which you go for you are sure to benefit from the health advantages of having porridge regularly.

Oats and oat bran are both rich in fiber. Particularly soluble fiber of  beta-glucan variety – the only type of soluble fiber recognised by the European Food Safety Authority to reduce disease risk by reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood.

High fiber, high protein content and low proportion of saturated fat makes porridge a true breakfast of champions.


With healthy wishes,

Dmitri Tkatchev


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