Not just for a peachy bum.

Benefits to strengthening your glutes are numerous and are the reason why all of our training at the studio involves some form of gluteus activation and butt work. These benefits include:
1 Tighter core
2 Stronger back
3 Faster running
4 Tighter pelvic floor (this is a big one [for girls AND boys])
5 Stronger legs
6 Fewer hip and knee issues

7 More junk in your trunk etc etc

Life changing buttocks.

While typically viewed from an aesthetic perspective the benefits of having a strong derriere are very functional and I would go as far as saying life changing.

Imagine not ever having to worry about your lower back aches, able to move with an upright posture as your pert buttocks work their magic to support your lower back or propel you up those stairs with an ease of a mountain goat. Imagine stronger legs, healthier knees and faster personal best times, or a healthy and toned pelvic floor that keeps everything tight, strong and together. All we need is a strong butt.

Strengthening your butt is key to resilient body.

It isn’t a coincidence how much of the training you do at our sessions revolves around exercises such as hip raisers, bridges, lunges, squats and these kickbacks. They all serve one single purpose: to sculpt a strong, bullet proof posterior and with that transform your life for the better.

DIY Buttocks

We love seeing you at our studio, however, a very effective glute workout can be done from the comfort of your own home, gym or even during your lunch time at work. To get started all you need is a mat, 10 minutes of your time and the following 3 exercises. Try them when you get home this evening to begin transforming your life for the better.Complete the below exercises one after another. Then take 60 seconds rest and repeat 2 more times. Don’t forget a gentle warm up and a stretch afterwards.

1. Hip Raiser – 1 minute
2. Squats – 1 minute
3. Split lunges – 1 minute each side.
See you at the studio soon.
With healthy wishes and strong butts.
Dmitri and the team.