How to begin with Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes

With a few options on our timetable here is some information on the ideal starting point for your fitness transformation. Remember that the best class to attend is the one you CAN attend so the first step is to commit to a slot in your busy schedule regardless of the class or the trainer on our timetable. All our classes are fantastic, all our trainers are incredible.


There are currently 2 types of classes on our timetable. Epoch Reformer – All Levels and Epoch Reformer + Row. We recommend you settle into a weekly routine that includes both types of sessions.

EPOCH Reformer – All Levels

Key points:

  1. Combines Pilates and Strength training.
  2. Compound movements means more muscle strengthening and metabolism boosting effect.
  3. Perfect for building strength and flexibility.
  4. Increases mobility of the spine.
  5. A circuit training structure that takes you through a series of exercises with minimum rest.
  6. Low impact makes this workout accessible for those that can not do impact exercises.

Epoch Reformer is combination of Strength Training and Pilates, commonly referred to in fitness industry as Dynamic Pilates. Reformer is simply the name of the piece of equipment that you will use during the majority of the session. What separates Dynamic Pilates from classical Pilates is introduction of more compound strength exercises that are normally absent from Classical Pilates method. This means that in addition to flexibility, core and spine health movements you will also go through squats, push ups, rows and lunges that target bigger muscle groups. Also Dynamic Pilates session structure is not locked into the same repeating sequence. Workouts vary frequently keeping your routines fresh and interesting.

Dynamic Pilates is suitable for those looking for a fitness based workout rather than a therapeutic style of training. Epoch Reformer is a perfect way to begin or continue your fitness journey. It is challenging and fun. Epoch Reformer will introduce you to the magic of Dynamic Reformer Pilates and will progress you quickly to a level where you feel stronger, leaner as well as more confident in working with the reformer machine.

Additional information of Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes in our London’s Fitzrovia studio can be found by clicking this link.

EPOCH Reformer + Row – All Levels

Key points:

  1. UK’s First. London’s Only.
  2. Builds on Epoch Reformer workout by adding cardio on out beautiful Water Rowers
  3. Adds more cardiovascular training
  4. Leads to a boost in metabolism, higher calorie expenditure
  5. Challenges heart and lungs and improves fitness. Fast.

UK’s first, London’s Only. Epoch Reformer + Row builds on the phenomenal success of Epoch Reformer session and swings the balance further in favour of building fitness. Think of this class as a fitness workout on the reformer with cardio vascular intervals added for that extra oomph. The workout is sandwiched between two 5 minutes of cardio training on our beautiful Water Rower machines. The result is not only stronger and leaner physique but a boosted metabolism, higher calorie expenditure and, more importantly, stronger heart and lungs. A very popular class and one that is frequently attended by those needing an extra push in their weekly routine.

Additional information on Dynamic Reformer Pilates and Rowing Classes in our London’s Fitzrovia studio can be found by clicking this link.

Begin your transformation

Regardless of which class you opt for you will be well looked after by our team. If your progress is anything like that of our regular visitors you will see both your fitness, health and overall well-being improved many folds. You will train consistently without burning out and you will be glad to have started on the journey with Epoch Fitness team.

Move More. Live Better. 
Dmitri & the Epoch Fitness team