How to begin with Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes

With a few options on our timetable this short post is written to help you decide which of our roster of classes is the ideal starting point for your fitness transformation. However remember that the best class to attend is the one you can actually attend. With that in mind your first step should be to carve the time in your busy and important schedule and commit to that slot regardless of the class or the trainer on our schedule. All our classes are fantastic, all our trainers are incredible.


There are currently 3 types of classes on our timetable. While the incredible BARRE class will be taking a hiatus your options are Dynamic Reformer Pilates – All Levels, Dynamic Reformer 45 and HiiT Reformer Pilates.


This is the starting point for anyone beginning their fitness journey. Regardless of your goals (a wash board set of abs/a pain free back) or fitness level (a fitness pro or a sofa surfer) this is the class to begin with. It will introduce you to the magic of Dynamic Reformer Pilates and will progress you quickly to a level where you feel stronger, leaner and more confident working with the reformer


This is the class that aims to fit an hour’s worth of training into 45 minutes for those shorter on time but high on expectation. A slightly faster paced sessions that is accessible to all fitness levels but may leave complete beginners feeling slightly out of their depth. We recommend progressing to the 45 minute sessions after having attended 3-5 of our full length classes.


A very popular class and one that is frequently attended by those needing an extra push in their weekly regime. Where as our regular classes are a perfect mix of fitness and Pilates, HiiT Reformer Pilates swings the balance in favour of fitness. Think of this class as a fitness workout on the reformer with cardio vascular intervals added for that extra oomph. 

Begin your transformation

Regardless of which class you opt for you will be well looked after by our team. If your progress is anything like that of our regular visitors you will see both your fitness, health and overall well-being improve many folds. You will train consistently without burning out and you will be glad to have started on the journey with our team.

Move More. Live Better. 
Dmitri & the Epoch Fitness team

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