STATE OF THE SCIENCE on the ideal distribution of calories between breakfast, lunch and dinner for optimum body composition.

“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.”

It turns out that the above adage now has some scientific back up as the distribution of daily calories across the 3 traditional meals is thought to have and effect on body composition

Breakfast vs Lunch Vs Dinner

Eating more calorie at breakfast compared to dinner is associated with lower BMI and lower overall body weight. With the difference being more noticeable when it is breakfast rather than lunch that is the bigger meal.

What about the snacks?

Snacking in addition to traditional Breakfast, Lunch and dinner seems to negatively effect body composition leading to higher BMI

So go crazy in the morning and eat little in the evening?

Your life may not mould so easily around latest scientific discoveries and all information should be used as a guide. Total calories over 24 hours still has a bigger impact than how those calories are distributed between meals. It is important to keep this in mind when adjusting your meal sizes. Once your food quantity and quality is optimised you can start adjusting your meal sizes to fit your day. But yes, celebratory dinners, date nights and festivities aside you are more likely to maintain a healthy body composition/weight if you

✅Have a bigger breakfast/lunch compared to dinner

✅Keep snacking to a minimum

✅Love your food

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