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HiiT Reformer Pilates

A 45 minute express session combining strength, pilates and cardio intervals

Our HiiT Pilates session is a perfect option if you are short on time but demand more intensity from your session. This 45 minute Reformer based session combines Dynamic Pilates, short bursts of cardio and strength training.

Unique to Epoch Fitness Fitzrovia

We have found the most effective structure for a 45 minute Reformer Pilates based session. Where as most studios struggle to maximise the efficiency of a 45 minute class we have perfected it. All while staying true to our principles of offering safe and effective   exercise for body conditioning.

Pilates is at the core of our Reformer HiiT class

While the selection of exercises in this session ensures strong effort on your part we stay true to the basic Pilates principles. You will be encouraged to focus on your breathing, control and focus while flowing smoothly from one exercise to the other. You will work to mobilise your spine, increase core strength and improve postural alignment.

We look forward to seeing you at the studio soon.

With healthy wishes,

Dmitri and team Epoch Fitness

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