Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes have the added benefit of improving cardiovascular fitness. We work your cardio-respiratory system by challenging the major muscle groups in a way that forces your heart and lungs to strengthen and adapt. Each Dynamic Reformer Pilates class is a form of metabolic circuit. This means that you move from one exercise to the next with little rest in between. The selection of exercises and their intensity will keep your heart rate elevated while your muscles are pushed to their lactic acid threshold. It is exactly this type of training that triggers the necessary adaptation to your cardiovascular fitness and contributes to your overall health and fitness. Result? Stronger heart, increased lung capacity and improved oxygen uptake.

There is a natural progression for those who are coming to us with little to no experience of structured exercise. At the beginning you will find yourself doing fewer repetitions and taking longer rests. As your fitness improves so will your confidence. You will start to push yourself harder making your workouts more and more challenging. Within week your body will be stronger and more resilient than ever before.

We look forward to training you soon.

With healthy wishes,

The Epoch Fitness team

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