Dynamic Reformer Pilates and Triathlon

Benefits of Dynamic Pilates in Triathlon Training

Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes perfectly complement the swim, bike, run disciplines of triathlon as a conditioning workout. The session focus on the weaker points of human anatomy by both strengthening and establishing the correct firing patterns through body’s musculature. In cycling this results in increased activation of gluteus and hamstring muscles and reduced activation of the lumbar spine on the downward stroke. This translates into increased power output through the legs and reduced lower back.

You will train to correct potential muscle imbalances while teaching your body to stabilise the lumber pelvic region, so important in all the three disciplines. Muscles of the back, chest and shoulders are further strengthened while increasing their flexibility to open the thoracic area. Due to the focus on hip mobility the sessions are perfect for quad dominant athletes and those struggling with tight hip flexors and lower back issues.

How often and when to do it

The sessions can be done at any point through the season. 1-2 sessions per week with moderate to heavy training load. Sessions can be done separately or as a way to finish you run, swim or cycle session. Why not head for a run or a cycle session in Regents park before coming to see us for the conditioning workout.

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