Active Rest!


By now you must know that your body needs regular rest from exercise.  Rest is when the body gets stronger, leaner and more toned following a workout. It is outside the sessions that the body becomes fitter and healthier. Resting between the workouts is essential, but avoid being sedentary.

As the term suggests Active Rest is being physically active on your day off. Kicking back and relaxing is essential, but take your foot off the pedal completely and you are at risk of undoing all the good work of the last couple of weeks. Active rest will help you maintain consistency during the 31 Day Kickstart.

Fact: active rest is a great way to absorb the effect of previous training sessions while letting your body heal and recover.

Get out

Get in the habit of taking a day or two each week to let your body rejuvenate and recover, but stay active:


  • Plan a long walk in one of your favourite parks/around a lake.
  • Go for a leisurely cycle in the country.
  • Organise an activity day with friends.
  • Find an active hobby that you can improve at at the weekends (I am good at falling out of planes).
  • Do a gym session but focus on less intensive work that eases the muscle tension and improves flexibility.
  • Any training that you do during active rest should be less intensive and different to your normal routine e.g. A gentle swim following few days of resistance training.

Introducing active rest into your training schedule is essential to keep the momentum this month.

With Healthy Wishes,
Dmitri Tkatchev

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