Stay on target

How do you stay on top of your training without falling of the wagon?  The key is to get into your maintenance stage without dips in motivation, burn out or loss of interest. Strategies are many.

Here are some to keep you training throughout the 30 day kick-start:

1. Join a group fitness class. This is one of the best ways to stay consistent. Fun, social, competitive, different – find your favorite class in the gym/park, join a Bootcamp or Pilates, a triathlon club, a running club or find your favorite martial art. Do this as little as once a week. The group environment will give you all the motivation to keep training on your own for the rest of the week. I have taught various classes, circuits and Bootcamps in the past and continue to do so as they perfectly complement one to one training I offer to my clients.

2. Don’t be sporadic – make a schedule in your diary just as you would with any other meeting or an appointment. This will cement your commitment for the rest of the week. You will be less likely to miss a session once you have committed to 4-5/45minute weekly training sessions.

3. Begin by setting yourself just one fitness goal to improve on weekly bases e.g. number of push ups, pull-ups, squats etc you can do in one go, how far

Find your favourite

you can run in 20 minutes or how fast you can run your weekly 5k. Then structure all your fitness around that goal. This will keep you training regularly and keep your competitive streak in check.

4. Hire a Personal Trainer or ask for some fitness advice from a fitness professional. Apart from showing you the right way to train and educate you on nutrition optimal for your goals he or she will help you keep you set goals and keep your eyes on the target.

5. Get your fitness/ body composition tested on regular bases (once every month or two). This will tell you how much you are improving and will serve as additional motivation.

6. Avoid injuries! A common reason why people stop is an injury. It can set you back weeks or even months. Make a warm up part of your workout; cool down and stretch at the end of every session. Trainers, coaches and athletes do this. You should do too.

Adopt at least one of the 6 points from above and you will get to that 6 month maintenance stage without a hitch.

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