Overdoing abdominal exercises is one of the biggest time wasting activities I can think of. Getting a lean tummy is about reducing body fat percentage via clean and healthy nutrition, exercise and rest. The exercises must be compound (involving as many muscle groups as possible), calorie consuming and regular. Nutrition should be clean, healthy and worthy of a 6 pack. Rest must be adequate, well timed and appropriate.

The cycle crunch

BUT! Certain abdominal exercises are better than others and have much more complexity than meets the eye. Cycle crunches is one of them. When done properly it is not only one of the best exercises for training the obliques (sides), rectus abdominus (front), transverse abdominus (deep), but also the core (much of everything else). Perfect exercise on its own or at the end of your usual training routine.

How to do it: start with 1 minute per set. Do 1-2 sets with a little rest in between. Once this is easy lengthen the time per set.


1. While on your back bring both legs up: 90 degrees at the knees, 90 degrees at the hips.

2. At this point the lower back should be neutral (a natural subtle curve at the base of the spine – not hyper-extended).

3. Bring your palms behind your head.

4. Bring the elbows wide. They should be out of your peripheral vision.

5. Inhale to prepare and gently bring your chin down: imagine you are holding a small apple between your chin and your chest.

6. Exhale to tighten the lower abdominals (belly button in towards the lower back) and at the same time lift upper body just off the shoulder blades. (Lead with your chest not the head as this will keep pressure off the back of your neck.) Here you are in a stomach crunch.


Phase 1.

7. Exhale: extend one leg and twist towards the bent knee. NB. lead with your shoulder not the elbow.

8. Inhale: return to the middle. Both knees bent chest facing forward.

9. Exhale extend the other leg and twist to wards the opposite knee that is now flexed.

Important pointers:

  • The most important thing is not to rock from one buttock to the other. Keep the pressure even on both glutes by redistributing your weight through the body to keep the load symmetrical.
  • Keep the lower back in a neutral lumbar curve without imprinting or hyper arching.
  • Emphasise lengthening of the extending leg.
    Not like this.

Phase 2.

10.  Speed up moving from one side to the other without stopping in the middle. But only if you can keep your hips from rocking side to side.

How NOT to do it:

1. Slowly lie down on your back, taking time to check that everyone is looking.

2. Loose yourself in a flurry of knees and elbows, flailing your limbs with the moves like Jagger.

With Healthy Wishes,

Dmitri Tkatchev

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