Quick Fix Morning Circuit

Working out first thing in the morning is extremely effective at improving your physique and fitness as well as energy levels and the feeling of overall well-being. When time is short do this workout to feel the benefits for the rest of the day.

Quick fix morning workout

Add this super short and very effective circuit to your mornings, 4-5 times a week to speed up your fitness kickstart. Maintain good form through out. It will take 3 – 9 minutes depending on your level of fitness.



1. Rev up your metabolism for the rest of the day

2. Add additional training stimulus to the whole body without overloading the system.

3. Tone up faster.

4. Burn more calories for the rest of the day by stimulating the major muscles first thing in the morning.

5. Keep muscles active if you know you have to skip a session on that day.

6. Stay in a the zone if you do not like spending a day without training.

7. Keep stress at bay.

What to do:
Do each of the following 3 exercises in a row for one minute each. No rest in between. Once you have done the 3 minutes take a 20-30 second rest and begin again. Do 1-3 circuits in total – the more the better, but build up to 3.

1. Squats

2. Push ups

3. Plank

How to do it:

Wake up the lower body!

1. Squats: Great for buttocks, legs, quadriceps and core. Do as many within one minute but go easy the first 20 seconds.


To Prepare

  • Stand with your feet hip width apart.Back straight
  • Arms held out in front of the body at shoulder height.
  • Toes curled up to keep the weight on the heels.


  • Inhale to bend the knees and drop down as low as you can without bending your back or lifting the heels
  • Exhale to push through the heels, lift back up, push hips forward to tighten the buttocks.


2. Push ups: Great upper body exercise to keep chest, triceps, shoulders and core toned.

Strengthen and tone up the upper body

To Prepare

  • Come down on all fours.
  • Arms straight, palms directly below the shoulders, fingertips outstretched fully.
  • If doing  a kneeling pushup (easier): create a straight line from the shoulders to the knees by pushing the hips forward.
  • If doing a full pushup (harder) come up onto the toes, keep a straight line from the shoulders to the heels


  • Inhale to tighten core and lower the chest down to the floor between the palms. Elbows to 90 degrees.
  • Exhale to push up explosively back to the start until the arms are straight

3. The Plank: Great for Abs (rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, erector spinae), buttocks.

Tighten up the core, abs and stabilise the shoulder girdle.

To Prepare

  • Lie face down on the floor. Rest on your forearms with elbows below the shoulders, forearms reaching forward, palms facing up


  • If doing this on the knees (easier): Inhale to prepare. Exhale tighten the core and lift up onto the forearms. Keep a straight line between shoulders and knees.
  • If doing this on the toes (harder): Inhale to prepare. Exhale to lift the knees off of the floor and keep a straight line between the shoulders and heels.
  • Do not let the lower back collapse at any time.

Breathing on the plank:

  • Inhale through the nose into the sides, the back of your ribcage and the top of the chest. Each inhale should be controlled and deep.
  • Exhale through pursed lips and tighten the belly button deep into the stomach to feel the contraction of deepest core. Tighten further every time you exhale.

Target this month is to get you on track with fitness for the rest of the year. Aim to follow up on most if not all nutrition tips covered in 31 day fitness kick start. In addition you must be way into your training regime or if not, are ready to start from tomorrow. Read the post about the cardio sessions to maximise your calorie expenditure in the fastest time possible. The above circuit done every morning (4-5 times a week) will  speed up your progress considerably and supercharge your 31 day transformation.

Best wishes,


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