Dynamic Pilates classes can help you find balance in the frantic world.

Dynamic Pilates is a form of mindful movement

The classes are a perfect balance of strength, flexibility and postural training. However, it is also a system of mindful movement that helps to connect your body and mind. Not unlike meditation, our classes help clients take time out from the frantic world to strengthen and condition the mind as well as their physique.

Mindfulness through exercise

The reality of leading a busy lifestyle is that inevitably we lose touch with what is truly important to our long term wellbeing: our physical health and mental resolve. We end up living inside our minds, constantly analysing the past, the future and rarely living in the present. Epoch Fitness sessions are a perfect lifestyle hack that will change your approach to health and wellbeing. By setting aside time in your schedule that is purely for you and no one else you will regain control over your personal head space, a commodity for those leading a hectic lifestyle. The sessions will help you reconnect with your body in a way that will empower you to live a healthier more fulfilling life.

The process

At the core of each Dynamic Reformer Pilates session is nothing more than a structured strength and mobility workout. However, you are encouraged to follow each session with total awareness of your breath, the speed and the pattern of each movement. This way each session becomes a form of meditation where your mind and body work in synchrony for the duration of the class. Make sure to remind yourself of the ten basic Pilates principles that will help you make the most of each session

What are the benefits

The benefits of such approach to exercise is far superior compared to conventional workouts. You leave each session feeling more relaxed, more grounded, present and aware. And of course not forgetting the physical benefits of our workouts that help you sculpt a strong, streamlined and bulletproof body.

See you at the sessions,

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Dmitri Tkatchev

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