Pre Ski Season Workout

Ski with confidence with the help of our annual pre-skiing season conditioning program. It runs between November and beginning of March. By attending these classes you will be able to maximise your enjoyment of the Ski holiday, will spend more time on the slopes and less time adjusting and recovering in between. Every year these classes have proven to be extremely popular and we recommend to book in advance.


Fridays 17.15.

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How will the Ski Fitness Exercises benefit you?

We have created a program of ski specific leg strengthening exercises, balance, endurance and mobility work that will:

  • Elevate your ski specific muscular endurance
  • Strengthen your legs and lower back
  • Improve your flexibility and balance in time for the slopes.
  • Elevate your cardiovascular fitness to support your muscle strength
  • Minimise the risk of injury and falling
  • Minimised the time spent getting used to the ski dynamics
  • Speed up recovery between days on the slopes
  • Increase confidence on the slopes
  • Increased enjoyment of the holiday

Ski specific prehab and leg strengthening exercises will form a large proportion of each session.Each sessions will use the Pilates reformer and off the reformer exercises to achieve the goal of getting you ski fit. These sessions will benefit beginner and advanced skiers who are looking to sculpt strong legs, lower back and core to maximise the time on the slopes and minimise the time spent adjusting to the ski dynamics.

Are these exercises suitable for skiing beginners?

Location , Val Thorens, France Rider, Henrik HedvallWhether you are a seasoned pro, an occasional skier or a beginner the sessions will get your glutes, quadriceps, lower back and of course, the core, black diamond ready.

The class is suitable for the newbies and the experts, the timid and the intrepid, the powder junkies, the off-Piste demons and the chalet dwellers. Our sessions will improve your strength, muscle endurance, joint mobility and flexibility to help you stay ahead, with or at least not too far behind the pack.

The class will forge your cardio vascular fitness and your lower body strength in time for the toughest of slopes. Your improved fitness and flexibility means you will spend less time recovering and more time being on the slopes.

Who else will benefit from the Ski Fitness program?

Not into skiing but love the idea of rock solid lower body and core? This class is for you. The sessions stay true to the Dynamic Reformer Pilates principles with more emphasis on Ski specific areas such as legs, core and lower back. Trembling legs and burning core a plenty. Come train!

I am ready! Where do I sign up?

The classes are scheduled between November and March each year. Go to the Timetable and Booking tab in the menu and choose your he class you wish to attend.

See you on the slopes.

With healthy wishes,

Dmitri and the team.