Doing a pull up is a challenge. You may feel that this is one achievement you are happy to do without. I mean its impossible right? So why bother. Not so. Here is how to do your first pull up:

1. You need to hoist yourself up to the top position: your chin above the bar. You can do this by jumping into the top position or standing up on a ledge/chair/bench positioned underneath it. Palms facing away from you, towards you or each other (hardest to easiest).

2. Once there, take the support from under your feet by: i.e. bend your knees or if you stept onto a bench positioned perpendicular to the bar hold on tight and let your legs dangle either side of the bench.

3. Lower yourself back to the floor untill your arms are straight taking (a) as long as possible (b) continuously pulling yourself up in the proecess. The result is a slow descent with a lot of effort on your part to prevent it.

This creates an eccentric load on your muscles. The overall effect is dramatic increase in strength.

Do 3-5 repetitions (getting into the position, holding tights and slowly lowering) every 2 – 3 days and only after a good warmup (Let your trainer warm you up or 5 minutes on the cross trainer + 2-3 minutes on a rowing machine).

You may feel soreness in your upper back in 2 days, but thats normal. As long as you do not over do it the soreness will become less intensive with each time.

Within 4-12 weeks (depending on how your body responds) you will be able to do your very first pull up.

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