1 stone down, 10% drop in body fat, 9 cm off the waist line – Epoch Fitness delivers.

When my mobile rung I was hesitant to pick it up; an unknown number, me at Oxford circus dodging the crowds and desperate to escape the shopping frenzy. For a few moments I stood staring at my phone as it rung and then reluctantly put it to my ear. What I heard on the other end of the line got me very excited.

Victoria sounded excited too, her permanent state I was soon to find out. She was calling from Women’s Health where the next big feature on the publishing calendar was to pit Dynamic Reformer Pilates against HiiT, cardio, a diet and combination of both in an effort to find out which can deliver and if cardio must always be a necessary part of the training plan. I happily agreed to assist, eager to find out for myself how effective Dynamic Reformer Pilates really is if cardio isn’t part of the plan. As a Personal Trainer I believe a holistic approach involving strength, cardio and good nutrition is a must and yet this was an opportunity to test a potential real life scenario. And so Victoria’s journey begun. Read all about Victoria’s body transformation.

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