Expert Personal Training in the heart of London

Beyond Personal Training

Epoch Fitness Personal Training is about upgrading your body. In person in our London studio or Online we be there as you build your strength, optimise body fat, improve posture and upgrade fitness. Training is about giving you the tools to take your health and fitness into your own hands. Epoch Fitness training protocols work because they are simple, efficient and provide a short term fix and a long term lifestyle change. Our goal is to help our clients feel empowered by what their body is capable of and not be enslaved by it’s limitations.

Personal Nutrition

For those looking to optimise their nutrition our protocols are supported by detailed nutrition and lifestyle appraisal. This leads to programmed nutrition specific to individual needs. Simplicity is key when it comes to getting from A to B and we made sure that this is the case with your food intake. Client goals typically fall into one of three categories: to lose excess body fat, to optimise training performance, to optimise health. To get you there we have created a fully integrated and holistic approach that is simple, effective, energising and empowering.

You will work one to one with the best people in the industry.  Their wealth of experience and passion for transforming the way people live makes them the best fitness and wellness industry has to offer. To book a session with a trainer please send an email to