We love New Year resolutions or as we like to call them, GOALS.

We are very much in the “FOR” camp when it comes to making new year resolutions. More than just setting direction for the year ahead setting goals is a way to pause and take stock of the values we hold dear. Regardless of whether or not we end up sticking to them the resolutions help us frame everything that is or has been important to us and take that intention into the new year.

Having a set of these goals is an uber effective way to prime for action over the following 12 months and make those goals actionable and achievable rather than merely desirable.

Here are a few things from our list. What’s yours? 
• Spend more time with friends and family
• Cook more
• Sleep more
• Worry less
• Learn more
• Take more vacations
• Exercise regularly (but not too much)
• Read more

With healthy wishes for 2017 from all of us at Epoch Fitness.

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