Staying on top of your Festive Fitness

So, its official! Christmas is just around the corner making this THE month for work parties, get-togethers and outings. Festive season can disrupt even the most consistent of fitness regimes. Use the following tips to avoid slipping off the training schedule and as a way to offset the food/booze fest.

1. Plan ahead.

This month plan your training around your social calendar. Like to workout in the evening but can’t because of a Christmas dinner? Switch to a morning session or fit a lunchtime run to avoid missing a training.

2. Be particularly good with your food this month.

Consistently clean breakfasts and light lunches will offset even the most gluttonous outing through out December. Make a commitment to making all food outside the festive celebrations unprocessed, natural and of high quality.

3. Be wise with your choices when eating out.

Spend a little more time looking through the menu. Most restaurants will offer healthier choices and will be more than happy to modify current menu items to fit your requirements.

4. The above goes as much for food as for alcohol.

Drink water between your drink to avoid over doing it. Choose cleaner drinks that are low in sugar and consisting of as little mixed ingredients as possible. A Dirty Martini wins over Dirty Pint every time.

5. Listen to your body.

It will naturally down regulate food consumption following a night of heavy eating/drinking and It will demand rest following a sleep deprived night. Listen to the natural appetite cues, eat clean, drink plenty of water and get an early night to help your recover and get back to your optimum state.

Make the most of it.

December offers plenty of opportunity to catch up with colleagues, friends an family. Enjoy being part of this great season while not letting it get in the way of your health and fitness aspirations.

With Healthy Wishes,

Dmitri Tkatchev