Building strength and muscle mass

Build muscle to stay healthy.

Building strength and muscular mass is about functional health and better quality of life. Which is one of the main reasons why muscles are so important to the human body. The aesthetics is often a happy bonus. The type of training required to build strength and improve muscle composition is so important that we make it the backbone of every workout at Epoch Fitness. 

5 Reasons to drink less coffee

5 Reasons to Drink Less Coffee

We’ve all heard of the positives but coffee is a powerful stimulant that changes biochemistry and effects the way our body functions day to day. If you find yourself gradually having more coffee consider if any of the below apply to you. 

Beat the mid afternoon energy slump.

Beat the energy slump and stay on top of your game.

The energy black hole.

Ever feel like an afternoon slump coming on? We’ve all been there. Reading the same line over an over again while experiencing nothing short of a full system shut down at your desk. Do not fear for we have come up with a handful of ways to help you stay ahead of the yawn.

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