The home of Dynamic Reformer Pilates in the heart of London.

Our Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes are the pinnacle of fitness, wellness and health conditioning. Led by expert, knowledgeable trainers with years of experience under their belt. A welcome local studio in Fitzrovia operating for over half a decade.

Our group sessions will help you sculpt a strong, athletic and life proof physique.

The workouts are effective, sustainable and give you the results that extend far beyond aesthetics. Epoch Fitness classes combine elements of classical reformer Pilates with strength training, flexibility exercises and yoga dynamics. Our clients report fast results in the way their body feels, looks and functions. The boutique nature of our classes ensures we never compromise on quality. Start with our great value introductory offer to give it a try.

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There is no mystery behind why Dynamic Reformer Pilates is such an effective tool. This method of training is perhaps the only one that combines strength and muscle conditioning with therapeutic movement method, Pilates. It brings the best of both worlds and bridges the gap between athletic conditioning and healthy movement. The result is a physique that is strong, resilient and free of pain.

More information on Dynamic Reformer Pilates and its  benefits.